Wonderland Cafe Kids Play Area

5 minutes into our drive to school in the mornings we pass Wonderland Cafe at Superplants in Sandbaai, and every morning, like clock work, the kids ask me if I can take them there on the weekend. Their craving was finally satisfied this weekend as I decided to take them to the place their little hearts so longed for.

Having not been there for a few months we were pleasantly surprised with the huge upgrades and changes that the new ownership has made with regards to safety and security and to the facilities that our kids can enjoy.

Wonderland Coffee Shop

As we arrived the kids ran off to play and I took my place next to the coffee table. Being a coffee addict and having previously experienced coffees from around the world I can in my honest opinion highly recommend the coffees they have on offer. I was also highly impressed with the new decor inside the coffee shop which includes a flat screen TV, making it the ideal getaway for the family and for dad to keep up to date with the sport while the kids play.

After my coffee I decided to wonder around the play area and found that the access to the play area is controlled with a magnetic lock which was an instant deal clincher for me as I can have the peace of mind that the play area is 100% safe for my kids to play in.

Wonderland Indoor Playing Area

On entering the play area there is a large indoor area for the kids to play on cold or windy days with jumping castles and ball pens. There is also a huge outside play area for the kids with where there are animals to view including Marmoset monkeys, goats, ducks and rabbits. This is by far firm favourite for the little ones.

The play area includes the old standard playing equipment like swings, slides and jungle gyms, but they also have the new and imported toys such as a fully working miniature train (which my kids took about 5 times), climbing walls and huge slides. For the girls there are also small doll houseĀ in which they play.

wonderland kids play area

The best parts of the playground are shaded which is just an added bonus and goes to show the level of detail that the owners have taken into consideration.

Wonderland Cafe is the ideal place for a kiddies birthday party where there are different menus to choose from depending on your budget. Wonderland is also currently building an outdoor party area that will be similar to a Disney Castle.

Wonderland Cafe Playground

After spending almost three hours there I can only say that we had a five star experience and that we will now be proud supporters of a safe and secure place in Hermanus where our kids can play while we relax. The service is amongst the best that I have experienced in Hermanus with friendly, efficient and happy staff.

The times are:

  • Monday to Saturday 08:30 to 16:00
  • Sunday & Public Holidays 09:00 to 15:00

Contact No: 028 316 1798

Hope to see you there soon,