Boat Based Whale Watching in Hermanus Join SOUTHERN RIGHT CHARTERS for close encounters with the ‘gentle giants’ of the ocean and other marine life such as seals, penguins, dolphins, bryde whales, humpback whales and marine birds.

We are licensed to approach the whales up to 50m, and then they decide whether or not to come closer, being naturally curious, they usually come right up to the boat.

Our purpose-built catamaran Miroshca, complies with all safety regulations, and its configuration provides spectacular viewing and comfort. With a qualified, registered skipper and whale specialist as your guide, including translations in Dutch, German and many other European languages, you are sure to have a unique experience at sea.


What we usually encounter : Southern Right Whales, seals, penguins and marine birds. We are fortunate enough to encounter dolphins, Brydes (our resident whale throughout the year and Humpback whales on certain of our trips.

Duration: Approx. 1hr 30m – max. 3hrs Depends on traveling time to the whales on that trip, the time spent with them is the same. Duration of trip is normally about 2hrs.

Departures: 9H00 – 12H00 – 15H00 and 7H00 [from September onwards]

What we usually encounter: Southern Right Whales, seals, penguins and marine birds. We often see dolphins, Brydes and Humpback whales as well.

Time of year: Approx: June to December It all depends when the star performers arrive and depart.

Light Refreshments included Whale Specialist Guide Interpreter Guide Passengers added comfort Passengers should bring the following; hats, sunblock, cameras, and jackets.

Seasick tablets should be taken in advance, if needed, as per instructions onpacket.
DVD available to purchase It contains some of our best footage, photos taken, a scenic tour of Hermanus and surrounding areas and YOUR personal whale watching trip.

Miroshca is a luxury, purpose built whale watching catamaran, complying with all safety regulations as set out by the authorities. Four Different viewing areas gives the passengers the best viewing opportunities.

The southern right whale (Eubalaena australis) frequents the local waters of South Africa from May – December. An estimateed population of 12,000 are spread out through the southern areas of the Southern Hemisphere, with hundreds visiting Hermanus, the ‘capital of the cape whale coast’ annually.

  • Southern Right Whales can grow to +/- 18m in length & weigh upto 80 tonnes
  • The Southern Right Whale is a baleen whale, meaning they have baleen plates for filtering food from water, instead of having teeth.
  • The Southern Right Whale can be easily identified by its ‘V’ shaped blow caused when the whale breaths out.