Body Stress Release is a gentle yet effective technique which assists the body to release stored tension which may be manifesting as back or neck ache, headaches, bad posture, fatigue, numbness, joint pain, constipation etc.

Body Stress Release is for everyone, from infants to elderly, whether sick or healthy.
As adults we are all subjected to various forms of stress in our daily lives:

Physical/mechanical stress may be caused by accidents, falls, poor posture, incorrect lifting or exercises.
Chemical Stress arise from inhaling pollutants, insecticides, allergies to body products or from certain food additives and preservatives.
Mental and Emotional stress can arise from fear of the future, financial worries, stress in the workplace or relationship stress as we armour ourselves against life. It may result in negative emotions becoming locked in the body.
Babies develop stress as a result of a stressful birth process and children develop stress due to injuries sustained during daily activities.

You remain fully clothed with shoes on and lie on a specially designed Body Stress Release ‘couch’. The practitioner carries out a series of gentle tests to locate exact areas of locked-in stress. This is done by applying light pressure to various points on the body and observing the response.

The practitioner then applies light, definite pressure in exact directions. This nudges the body to release stored tension as muscles relax.

R200 per person per session.  3 sessions necessary to start.