Workshop: Exploring Photography as Fine Art- Hermanus

Date / Time

15 June 10:00


Anita de Villiers





5 hours

One day
This workshop focuses on guiding participants into developing their own visual voice through conscious camerawork. Areas covered during the workshop are genres in modern art and photography, (including Impressionism, Surrealism, Abstract Art, etc.), visual communication, expressive imaging, as well as narrative and conceptual visual art. Techniques like motion blur, montage and collage are illustrated and applied. Participants create a mini portfolio of three fine art images during the workshop.
A photograph that expresses the unique interpretation of the photographer, that has layers of meaning and elicits discussion or emotion from viewers, has moved beyond the subject. Such an image has entered the field of expressive photography.
For the past fifteen years she has worked as a photographer, writer, teacher and mentor.
This workshop is suitable for Intermediate and more advanced photographers. Further information will be sent to participants.

Tickets includes a light lunch

Workshop: Exploring Photography as Fine Art

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