Free Listings !!

All non-accommodation listings such as restaurants, activities, businesses, markets and services may advertise for free. This 100% free listing includes full contact detail, a 300 word description, a full gallery with up to 10 photos and a link to your own website. All who list may also make full use of our activity calendar to let our clients know about what’s happening at your business this may include events, sales, specials and launches. All who list and join our Face Book group will also get free social marketing.

All free listing have the option of becoming a featured listing and remain one of the top listings in their selected category for only R39 per month or R290 per year, these featured listings will also receive further marketing on social media


Accommodation Listings

All accommodation establishments are welcome to list with two options available.

  1. Option one: all properties using the Nights Bridge booking system can list with bookings generated directly through the system at a commission rate of only 10%. All establishments will also be included in a bulk mail of 5000 with further free marketing on social media. The listing will include the full gallery, full description and free use of the events calendar. Featured options as listed above are also available.
  2. Option two: Properties not using the Nights Bridge system are also welcome to list as above at an annual list fee of only R290 per year with all the benefits of the bulk mailing, social media and events calendar. These listings will have direct links to their own sites and their direct contact details will be included. The featured listing options will also apply.
  3. Have your listing featured for only R40 per month minimum 6 months.


Banner and Block Advertising.

Banners such as the one you clicked on to view the listing and adverting options are available at the rates listed below.

  1. Front page banner R290 per month (three month minimum 20% discount for a full year paid in advance) includes extra social media marketing and a direct link to your own website.
  2. Side block advert same size as our events calendar placed directly below the front page map, R320 per month (three month minimum 20% discount for a full year paid in advance.), there are three of these adverts available and the passion on the page will alternate.

Advertising requests to be sent to

Ps. List on 2 sites and for only 20% extra and if you are within a 100km radius you will also receive a free listing on at no extra cost along with the social media marketing mentioned above.